About Amanda Dallman

I’ve spent more than 20 years living in central Washington, so I know what makes our region’s residents so unique. From lakeside summers, internationally renowned rivers, exhilarating mountain climbing and winter sports. In 2020, I make the decision to combine my love of real estate investing with my desire to see people achieve their goals.

I am now blessed to have the opportunity to share my skills and give back to the community I love so much as a realtor. Every transaction I undertake I contribute a portion of the proceeds to an organization that has benefited me or supports an activity in the neighborhood.

I’ve been involved with corporate sales since 2016, so I have developed specialized marketing and negotiation skills. Not only do you receive a highly skilled salesperson when you engage me as your realtor, but you also get someone who genuinely cares about the neighborhood where we all reside.

spacious garden and terrace at house - Amanda Dallman Real Estate